“It is a bodiless dimension locked within bodies which Kruger, Serfontein, and Cruise, in differing ways, communicate. Their works make us feel, they unsettle, inspire, remind us of the power of looking closely. And why we fail to see what is most significant about ourselves, the debris of which we are made – charcoal, clay – and the debris to which we return – chaos, the deepest and darkest dimension of ourselves.”
Ashraf Jamal

Deepest Darkest is proud to present CONFESSIONALE, the new group exhibition featuring Henk Serfontein, Marieke Kruger and Wilma Cruise. Curated by Marieke Kruger, the exhibition sees the meeting of these three artists in a space reminiscent of a “confessional box”, where sins are confessed in secret. It provides a platform for interactive visual dialogue surrounding this idea of ‘confession’ – inwardly, outwardly, and between each other.  In doing so, underlying hidden narratives and experiences are explored and eluded to, binding common denominators between the three artists’ shared interest in the fractured and wounded human body, with the gallery as meditative space.