Cruise at Krut 2020

David Krut Projects is pleased to present Cruise x Krut 2020, an exhibition of unique paper collages and sculptures from Wilma Cruise’s studio, shown alongside recently completed editions from the David Krut Workshop (DKW).

Cruise’s ongoing enquiry into the interface of understanding between humans and animals, is particularly significant during this time of crisis – an astonishing and distressing precursor of environmental turmoil that is yet to come – that has forced humans to re-evaluate their relationship with the natural world. In the context of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the implications of humans having come to dominate over each other as well as animals, and the need to imagine a more cooperative existence, is put into stark perspective.

The three etchings presented on this show – Word, The End Game and The All-Knowing Pig –were originated in 2015 and explore the human-animal relationship by depicting animals in typical human settings. The works speak to Cruise’s instinctive understanding of the semiotics of animal communication, and the importance of vigorous discourse around our relationship with them.

These recently completed editions are presented alongside newly constructed paper collages made from the trial proofs of the 2015 editions. Cruise uses representations of the body (the site of experience) as a vehicle for exploring meaning, combined with images that “float” from her subconscious. She has worked closely with her studio assistant, Katja Abbott, to rework images from the past and explore how meaning can be conveyed by translating her intuitive and spontaneous bodily response into the making of the works.

In addition, the inclusion in this presentation of Cruise’s life-sized sculptures depicting animal figures is essential in establishing the connection between humans and animals. The presence of these sculptural creatures allows the viewer to empathise with the emotional condition of the animals, initiating a process of understanding. The combination of sculptures, prints and deconstructed collages opens up the possibilities for new dialogues through which a viewer can explore their own perceptions of and relationship with animals and their environment.