Earthworks / Claybodies

In the Claybody series … we are presented with bodies that are…, not only physically but also psychologically, turned in on themselves… The title of each of these works – Claybody – is itself suggestive of the body in a condition of susceptibility, of flesh that is violable and permeable.

… While they are made of clay, the sculptures in the ‘Claybody’ series simultaneously represent clay that has been smeared over the body. … this use of a material to represent itself, as it were, allows Cruise to offer an ironical comment on the Modernist notion of ‘truth to materials’ – a concept that she has defied continuously since she first began working in clay in the 1970s. … (Brenda Schmahmann: in Earthworks / Claybodies, 2003 – A catalogue produced for the exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum).