Menagerie at Tokara

me•nag•er•ie (noun)

a collection of [wild] animals kept in captivity for the curiosity and entertainment of the public … a diverse, exotic or peculiar group … of things.

Animals have always featured large in my life. I have seldom been without the company of dogs and horses. Working and training them is an abiding interest, which has extended into all areas of my life, not least of all my art praxis. Menagerie is an affectionate look at some of these animals. Baboons, sheep, horses, a giant rabbit and a pair of puppies make up the exhibition in the sculpture garden of Tokara Wine Estate. In Menagerie I attempt to capture the distinctiveness of each animal, and, if there is an activist message, as in the case of the baboons, I hope it is subsumed by the awareness of the emotion of the unique being.