It is hard to imagine that we’re not in an apocalyptic situation. The planet is ravaged by a pandemic, conflict, disease and death. The world has become a collapsing monument of humankind’s hubris and rapacious greed. The four horsemen of the apocalypse, War, Famine, Pestilence and Death, stride the Earth wreaking havoc. The rhetorical question implied by the title is, ‘How are we, animals and humans alike, going to manage our game at the end of the apocalyptic Anthropocene?’

There is no doubt after this current crisis we will have to reboot, to take a phrase from the digital world which has not been innocent in contributing to the global dis(ease). To do this we not only have to look to the future but look back to the past. It is in this imagined scenario that I have reconfigured various artworks – some old, some new in different relationships to each other. Implied is a rephrasing the Cartesian question, it is not can they talk, but, can we listen?