The Alice Sequence

The Alice Sequence constitutes a series of exhibitions exploring the nature of the animal-human interface. In 2010 The Animals in Alice at iArt Gallery, Cape Town and Alice and the Animals at the University of the North West in Potchefstroom explored the curious interface between Alice in Wonderland and the animals that inhabit her dream world. In Wonderland the animals have agency. They speak. But Alice does not always understand what is happening. She is pushed and pulled hither and thither. “Who are you?” asks the caterpillar. Alice has no answer.

The caterpillar’s question is significant. Who is Alice… and by extrapolation who are we? Are we right to presume our position of superiority in relation to the animals?  Do we really deserve our place on top of the Cartesian pile? It is an ontological question. The drawings, prints and sculptures that make up The Alice Sequence explore these ideas.